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Rafael Van Der Vaart Still Being Watched By Hamburg

Rafa might be on his way back to Hamburg
Rafa might be on his way back to Hamburg

Remember those Rafael van der Vaart to Hamburg rumors? It might be time to get them going again.

The Bundesliga club have never hidden their admiration for van der Vaart. He was beloved at the club before leaving for Real Madrid and then Tottenham and early this summer they showed interest in reacquiring the Dutchman. Those links died by mid-summer and seemed to be done for good, but apparently not, according to HSV's sporting director Frank Arnesen

While Arnesen didn't come out and say that they were still chasing van der Vaart, he didn't call it dead either. The club could still use Rafa and with the way Gylfi Sigurdsson has looked this summer, it's tough to see van der Vaart getting the type of playing time that he has become used to. Then there is the matter of Rafa being 29 years old, making this probably the last summer that Tottenham could sell him and still get something worthwhile in return.

Of course, there are no discussions to speak of. Tottenham and HSV aren't working on a deal right now, but the Germans are leaving the door open. That is something.

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