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Leandro Damiao To Spurs? Tim Vickery Chimes In

We're running out of Leandro photos
We're running out of Leandro photos

Tim Vickery has chimed in on the Leandro Damiao situation and he thinks highly of not just Leandro, but Tottenham Hotspur's chances of signing the Brazilian striker. The rumors can fly again, or keep flying, or anything in the middle.

With rumors flying that Spurs' representatives are meeting with Internacional about Leandro, Vickery said that he believed the two clubs were talking and that it "wouldn't surprise [him] in the least, even with the news today that Adebayor has signed."

The reasons Vickery listed for believing that Tottenham would be able to secure Leandro centered largely on Andre Villas-Boas. Not only is he Portuguese and speaks Portuguese like Leandro, but there is a long history of Portuguese clubs signing Brazilian players and after Villas-Boas was given the boot by Chelsea, Villas-Boas spent time in South America scouring.

Vickey would also go on to rave about Leandro and his progress of late. He believes that Leandro would be a good signing for Spurs, so he is in the same camp as pretty much everyone ever.

When it comes to South American football, Vickery's opinion carries weight so that means something, I guess. Do with it what you will since he doesn't appear have any real insider knowledge, but we need more words about Leandro and Spurs (no we don't) so there's this.

This thing just needs to come to an end already. Sign the man, let him score 42 goals and call it a day.


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