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Monday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links August For 27, 2012

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He mad
He mad

Happy Monday, Spursland! After exhaustive research into how I can best describe what is was like at the end of the game on Saturday I believe that, as with most things, we find that if we turn to Shakespeare Bill Murray, you find the answers. I mean the end of that game really did look a lot like this.

And now the "news"

LOL-Benny Pulls Reverse McKayla Maroney, Is Impressed With AVB- Sky Sports

Likens him to son of Mourinho. Hopefully this isn't a subtle way of Benny telling us that Andy Town Snakes is a cheap shot artist.

Tottenham's Old Failings Haunt New Manager- The Guardian

Yes, an inability to put a shot on net and a defense that thinks games end after an hour. Nice to see that despite the new manager our club personality has not changed one bit

AVB Insists That It Is Not Time To Panic- Telegraph.

Be sure to check out the subtle jab at Harry in AVB's comments.

What's happening around SB Nation after the jump (today free of rants that nobody agrees with :)

Tony Stewart Does Not Care About His Helmet- SB Nation

So, for any of our British readers the answer is yes, NASCAR is almost exactly like it was in Talladega Nights.

VIDEO: The Whitecaps Know How To Do Hype- SB Nation Soccer

I've seen better, but not many.

Sahin Loan To Liverpool Complete- Liverpool Offside

Liverpool, everyone. Otherwise known as Midfielders FC.

Unacceptable Madrid Loses 2-1- Managing Madrid

Madrid are now five points behind Barcelona in La Liga, so you know, you can stop watching Spanish football now. No more drama.