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Could A Willian Buy Mean A New Role For Gareth Bale At Spurs?

Left, right, center, everywhere
Left, right, center, everywhere

The rumors of Willian moving to Tottenham Hotspur have been playing around for more than a week now. It makes sense, considering Andre Villas-Boas' attempted to sign him last year and the money Spurs have to spend after the sale of Luka Modric, but does it make sense from a football perspective?

Willian is an undoubtedly dynamic player. He runs at people, is creative and can finish. He is the perfect example of a player who puts defenses on their heels. Nobody is questioning his quality, but consider that he prefers to do that from the left wing.

While right-footed, Willian does not play on the right. He is not a player who sprints to the endline and pumps crosses into the box. He prefers to play on the left, where he can cut in and look to finish with his right. At last check, Spurs have a player by the name of Gareth Bale on the left, and he's pretty good.

So where exactly does Willian fit in at Spurs? Is he made to switch over to the right, or is this a sign of what's to come with Bale?

Obviously switching to the right is an option, but it is far more tantalizing to consider what this might mean for Bale. And no, this isn't pessimistic speculation that the Welshman will be sold.

Could a move for Willian be a sign that maybe Villas-Boas doesn't see Bale as a left winger? Villas-Boas played Bale at striker in the preseason, admittedly because the team had no striker. He has given Bale free reign to roam and has spent time on the right wing and in the center. Under Villas-Boas, Bale has not been an out-and-out left winger.

If Spurs buy Willian, it could be the end of Bale as a left winger at Spurs. He may be given an unspecific position, with the freedom to basically roam wherever he would like. That could mean stretches up top, in the hole or on either wing. Maybe a Willian buy is what Villas-Boas needs to unleash Bale the way he thinks that the Welshman should play. That is both exciting and scary.


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