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What Exactly Will This Real Madrid Partnership Mean For Spurs?

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We have dibs on Luka's son right? That's what we get out of this "partnership", isn't it? (Photo by Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno/Getty Images)
We have dibs on Luka's son right? That's what we get out of this "partnership", isn't it? (Photo by Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Yesterday, Tottenham Hotspur finalized the sale of Luka Modric to Real Madrid. In announcing that transfer, Spur also announced a partnership between the two clubs. According to Tottenham's official site, "[t]he partnership agreement will see the two Clubs working together in respect of players, coaching, best practices and commercial relationships."

Many worry that this may allow Real Madrid the opportunity to match other club's offers for Spurs players. This sort of speculation has centered mostly around Tottenham's Welsh winger Gareth Bale. Bale, who just signed a new contract through 2016, is a player that Madrid may at some point be interested in and some fans worry that this partnership could make it easier for Gareth to leave.

The truth of the matter is though, that we have no idea what this partnership entails. I for one would certainly not mind if it meant getting some of Madrid's bench/fringe players on loan or on a permanent basis. Also, if I had to chose between Bale going to Manchester City or Real Madrid, I'd pick Madrid in a heartbeat.

Tottenham currently operate 4 of these "partnerships", but in each of the others Tottenham is the big club. The most talked about partnership is Spurs' deal with Internacional. That deal, allegedly, gives Spurs first right of refusal on all of Internacional's academy products. This deal however didn't apply to new Chelsea man Oscar and it's certainly not helping Spurs land Leandro Damiao.

In the end I'm not sure this "partnership" will amount to anything. Certainly nothing that will impact what we as fans see on the pitch. Might the two clubs do some business things together? Schedule a friendly or do some marketing together? Sure. That could happen. In fact, the Telegraph seems to think it will be the main focus of the deal.

The two clubs may even exchange coaching knowledge. Especially given Tottenham manager Andre Villas-Boas' familiarity with Jose Mourinho. Don't, however, expect to see many Madrid players coming to Spurs. I'm not saying I wouldn't want to see the like of Raphael Varane or Esteban Granero wearing a Spurs shirt. I might not even mind having Ricardo Carvalho around, but I'm not going to hold my breath waiting for it to happen.


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