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Could Manchester United Duo Be Heading to White Hart Lane?

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Manchester United have poached a couple of good players from Tottenham Hotspur in recent years, so it only seems fair for Spurs to make an effort to sign a couple of players back from them. Sir Alex Ferguson might be inclined to let two of his midfielders, Anderson and Nani, go because he rates his other options more highly.

Anderson has struggled for fitness, both in terms of injuries and with what some have called a "persistent weight problem". Despite United's dearth of options in central midfield Anderson has found himself behind the likes of Tom Cleverly and, when the central defense is healthy, Michael Carrick. As of right now, Anderson is starting and getting games, but once United defenders return from injury Carrick should move back to midfield making it harder for Anderson to get games.

Nani, meanwhile, plays a much deeper position. Sir Alex has Ashley Young and Antonio Valencia at his disposal to play Nani's preferred wide-right position. New signing Shinji Kagawa could also play there in a pinch. Additionally, if Ferguson chooses to play two strikers Nani could find himself out of the squad in general.

The sticking point with both these players is wages. Nani is on a rumored £90,000 per week and I would imagine Anderson is earning somewhere near £60,000. While Tottenham could certainly squeeze Anderson into their wage scale there's probably no way that Nani could fit under Tottenham's wage ceiling. I think Nani would certainly be a good addition to the team. His creativity and finishing ability on the flanks would be a big help in breaking down teams that like to park the bus. Anderson, meanwhile, would provide Spurs with a more creative midfielder than they currently have on the books, though even Anderson could not replace Luka Modric.

What do you think? Could these two United players be on their way to White Hart Lane?


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