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Leandro Damiao Is Still Not Leaving Internacional

Bongarts/Getty Images

I feel like I wrote a post like this last summer, but it bears repeating. Internacional vice-president Luciano Davi has come out and told the press, yet again, that Leandro Damiao, permanent Tottenham Hotspur transfer target, will not be leaving his Brazilian club this transfer window. In the early summer last year Internacional wanted to keep him around until the end of the Copa Libertadores. Then it moved to keeping him until the end of the Campeonato Brasileiro, which ends in December.

Well, now Internacional just says that he's not going anywhere until at least December. No mention of competitions or anything like that. Just that he's not going to leave this year.

Our intention is that Leandro Damiao doesn't leave this year," Davi told Globo Esporte. "He is an Internacional player until December. [Tottenham's] offer wasn't relevant and we are not interested in selling him.

Well, thanks for nothing Internacional. Honestly, I'm not even sure why we continue to pursue Damiao. Internacional seem no more inclined to sell him today than they did more than a year ago. What's that quote about the definition of insanity? Isn't it something like "the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result." That's what this pursuit of Damiao is. Pure insanity. Please let it stop.

I know that we all really want Damiao, but this whole pursuit has reached a level of ridiculousness that not even I can comprehend. I'm not sure which side is more stubborn. Internacional for not selling or Spurs for not making a good enough offer to force the Brazilian club's hand. Either way I think it's time for Spurs to move on in the pursuit of the striker. Maybe buying Fernando Llorente will be easier.


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