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SB Nation's Premier League Power Rankings: Tottenham Come In 8th; Chelsea Top

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I've taken over SB Nation Soccer's Premier League power rankings column after time issues claimed our last columnist, and I'll be running it throughout the season. We made a group decision not to rank the teams after one week of play, and decided to debut the column this week. You can find the full SB Nation Premier League Power Rankings for Week 2 right here.

Tottenham came in 8th in the inaugural rankings, which means voters are giving them the benefit of the doubt. Here was my explanation for where they were placed after two weeks of play.

It's been a rough start under Andre Villas-Boas, but at least there have been some positives. The first half performances against Newcastle and West Brom have been solid and they've found goals late in the second half for two games in a row, but their final 15 minutes has been putrid in both games. If Spurs can find a way to play for 90 minutes, not just 75, they'll compete with Arsenal and Newcastle all season.

More after the jump.

I voted Tottenham 8th, so right where they came in and above their average position on all ballots. Ryan Rosenblatt, who also votes, put Spurs in 8th as well. The team's average position came in below an average of 8th because of a couple of voters who opted to make very few changes in their voting from how the current table stands.

Oh, and Chelsea's first. Yay Chelsea.

Does anyone have any issue with my explanation, or with any of the teams currently ranked above Spurs? Any other teams that you think are nowhere near where they're supposed to be?


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