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Tottenham Linked To No Strikers: None Coming, Or Tricks Up Levy's Sleeve?

How about this guy, Daniel? This guy? Please? Yes?
How about this guy, Daniel? This guy? Please? Yes?

Yesterday, I wrote on the topic of players who Tottenham Hotspur sign (or bid for) out of absolutely nowhere. Keeping his cards fairly close to his chest, then pouncing (especially on deadline day) seems to be Daniel Levy's preferred M.O. In this case, I'm hoping that he uses that same M.O. in regards to acquiring a striker.

Right now, there aren't any reputable journalists or media outlets reporting on Tottenham interest in any strikers. We've heard about Leandro Damiao, but Internacional's president simply isn't interested in selling. We've previously bid for Loic Remy, but we haven't heard anything new about him lately. Plenty of people have speculated about other players that would fit in at Tottenham, but there aren't any significant reports of interest in any forwards.

Andre Villas-Boas has previously said that he does not expect Tottenham to bring in another striker and that their transfer business at that position was likely closed. Just about every Spurs fan on the planet hoped he was bluffing and still hopes he's bluffing, but it's starting to look like he wasn't. Since the Luka Modric sale was completed, we've heard about bids for Moussa Dembele, Willian and Hugo Lloris, as well as renewed interest in Yann M'Vila. None of these players are strikers.

I do not want to see Tottenham go into a season with Emmanuel Adebayor and Jermain Defoe as their only senior strikers. If Levy actually does have the war chest to sign two of the players he's currently linked to, he'd be well served getting another striker instead. I'm hoping and praying that he has some tricks up his sleeve and that we just don't know who he's about to bring in. If Spurs splash around tens of millions of pounds before the deadline and don't add another striker, I'll be extremely disappointed.


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