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Wednesday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links For August 29, 2012

Proof that Dembele is better than Modric (<em>Editor's note: Do not approve</em>)
Proof that Dembele is better than Modric (Editor's note: Do not approve)

Happy Wednesday, Spursland! WE HAZ MODRIC REPLACEMENT!!!!! Everybody victory dance! It is on; it is so on. We are set, we are full up, everything else is just gravy. Don't get me wrong. In any situation if gravy is an option I want gravy, but we are now complete. It is now time to (Editor's note: theroosevelts failed to complete this sentence, but it was probably time to get mashed potatoes for the gravy.)

Spurs Linked To Shakhtar Star- Samba Foot

No, not that one, And not really. It is just agent making it up to drum up interest in his player.

Dos Santos' Agent Makes "Hostage" Claim- Sky Sports

Has this man learned nothing? You cannot strong arm Dan Levy. When you try it he just finds another amazingly creative way to break your spirit.

It Turns Out Tottenham Are Not The Worst At Finishing- Deadspin

So bad it is not suitable for the eyes of small children.

What's happening around SB Nation after the jump

Chelsea Fans React To Dembele Transfer With Universal Meh- We Ain't Got No History

It must be nice....

AC Milan Chairman Rules Out Kaka Deal- Managing Madrid

Remember that rumor that Kaka had to leave before Madrid bought Modric? Yeah, that was the last time I thought about Kaka too.

Baseball, Gangnam Style- SB Nation

Note to self: ask my Korean students to explain these to me when I see them, because this is captivating.