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Tottenham Hotspur Release New Under Armour Third Kit

via <a href="" target="new">Spurs Shop</a>
via Spurs Shop

Tottenham Hotspur have released their third kit for the 2012/13 season and it is exactly what it was rumored to be. It is a gray and black half shirt with black shorts and black socks, which is either very ugly or so ugly that it looks good. Both of those are par for the course when it comes to third shirts so this one hit the bullseye.

This is the first third kit that Under Armour has done for Spurs (obviously, because this is the first year that UA has made the Tottenham kits) so it is the first time that we've gotten a look at what the company does when they are given free reign and can get crazy, which along with taking our money is pretty much why third kits exist. That said, it is pretty subdued for a third kit. We might get much more ... special third kits in the future. I'm thinking some neon yellows with pink pinstripes and a hologram cockerel that dances after goals*.

* This idea is copyrighted as of right now, Under Armour. I'm watching you.

The shirt was released in a video created by EA Sports using FIFA 13. This is part of a new partnership between Spurs and EA, which is already proving to be pretty cool because fans got to play the new FIFA game at White Hart Lane last weekend before it came out, this video is pretty cool and it looks like White Hart Lane finally made it into the game.

Oh, yeah, Spurs beat Manchester City 2-0. No big deal. Just call your bookies before they get their eyes on this vision into the future.


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