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Thursday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links For August 30, 2012

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Happy Thursday, Spursland! My friends, this is a call to arms. We are rapidly approaching the transfer deadline and for this club, if history repeats itself, means big business and lots of stories on this site. This is our time to shine, Commentariat. We need to bring our game hard when it comes to GIFs and memes. We need to throw down a gauntlet that will show once and for all why this is the best community on SB Nation. We need to put on a show so glorious in the comment sections that when writers for other sites come here, they weep. We are the best in the world, let us show our metal!

And now the "news"

Spurs Poised To Sign Lloris- ESPN

Now that ESPN has said that we are "poised" to sign Lloris, we all know that it will never ever happen. Who knows, maybe Gomes turned on some Portuguese speaking charm and got AVB interested in him again. Maybe he said something along the lines of "eu juro que eu lavei a manteiga fora de minhas mãos." (Editor's note: Portuguese is not subject to editing and may be offensive. We don't know.)

Spurs To Put Lennon, Parker, And VDV Up For Sale-

VDV, sure it has been well reported. Parker, eh, maybe I could see that on deadline day for a good price. But if Lennon leaves this team without Willian coming in first I will eat a pair of shoes. That is no joke. I know a lady who did this, but you know what? Lennon ain't leaving and I won't have to do it.

BTW Messi Is Good- Deadspin

At this point in his career, how much is a far price for Messi? I would love to hear your thoughts.

What's happening around SB Nation after the jump

EPL Deadline Day Preview- SB Nation Soccer

Let me say now that I disagree with much of the Tottenham section of this. Then again I do nothing but read transfer rumors about Tottenham all day so maybe after doing this for 18 months I have figured out how to weed out the obvious nonsense. I can't fault the author, though. It is difficult if you are not a serious follower of Tottenham news to pick up on the fact that they are obviously teaching the "link your player to Spurs based on nothing = more money" strategy in agent school.

Liverpool's Lucas Out Three Months- SB Nation Soccer

Lucas Leiva must be made out of tissue paper. He falls apart like five-year-old Ikea furniture.

Lunch Judgment, Week 5- Progresive Boink

This is the greatest thing I have ever seen when it comes to drawing traffic to a website. It makes me angry that I didn't think of this idea first. Physically angry, like punch a pillow, "oh hot damn it is just so perfect why couldn't that be me" good. The premise is that readers comment describing their lunch and the author comments on it giving it a rating and most of the time telling you what a worthless person you are based on your lunch choice. This is what makes me proud to be an American. This and Teddy Roosevelt.