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Cartilage Free Captain's Deadline Day Disclaimer

At this point, we've been around for a while and a lot of the regular commenters here have been following the site for at least one transfer deadline day. Having said that, we still pick up new members every single day and we don't want to assume everyone knows what's going on.

We post transfer rumors here, but we generally have a policy of only posting rumors from fairly legitimate sources, unless we're simply making fun of the absurdity of a rumor. This isn't really a "transfer rumor" site and we'll be doing very little dealing in things other than long-form writing, news and game analysis starting on September 1st.

But two days a year, we post about every transfer rumor. Tomorrow is one of those two days. We will not be posting anything about context and we will continue to apply a BS filter to all transfer rumors, but on deadline day, we will be less selective about what we post. We are going to start scheduled posts very early UK morning and post very frequently throughout the day.

Starting at 9 am ET, a Cover It Live chat will go up. Bryan Ashlock will be running it to start the day, and it'll be a place to keep general conversation centralized so that each comments thread on the site stays about that specific rumor. So the conversation isn't lost, we'll be re-stickying the CIL to the top of the page every time we write something new. We'll also link every new post in the CIL so everyone stays up to date.

If transfer rumors and constant posts aren't to your liking, I apologize. We only do it two days a year, and normal service will resume on Saturday. Let the madness begin.