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Dimitar Berbatov Back In Play For Spurs

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Tottenham Hotspur need a striker, but Dimitar Berbatov wore out his welcome at White Hart Lane years ago and he's going to Fulham anyways so he's out of consideration, right? Wrong. Apparently the striker is back in play, according to Sir Alex Ferguson.

"It wouldn't surprise me if he's at Tottenham," Ferguson said on Friday morning. "I don't think he's certain to go to Fulham, put it that way."

The deal of Berbatov to Fulham seemed done. Martin Jol said that he was undergoing a medical at Craven Cottage, which should have sealed the deal so what Ferguson is alluding to that could change things up is beyond me, but there is something. And honestly, it shouldn't be much of a surprise.

Consider the Berbatov transfer drama of the last few days.

He was basically given the go-ahead by Manchester United to find a home elsewhere and Fiorentina thought that has a deal. Apparently, Berbatov decided he didn't want to go to Fiorentina and was talking with Juventus, only he never told Fiorentina that. Then out of nowhere he agrees to a deal with Fulham.

Is it any surprise that now Fulham might be off?

So Berbatov back to Spurs? That would be ... interesting. Would you welcome him back at White Hart Lane?


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