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Rafael van der Vaart Off To Hamburg For Medical

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In more confirmation that Rafael van der Vaart is leaving Tottenham Hotspur, his agent confirmed that the Dutchman is off to Hamburg to have a medical. This came moments after van der Vaart was spotted leaving Spurs' training ground.

This one is basically a done deal now. Several reports day that van der Vaart has agreed to a three-year deal with Hamburg so personal terms won't slow this deal down and despite his inability to play 90 minutes, van der Vaart is healthy. You can start bidding adieu to Rafa now.

With more than £10 million heading to Tottenham, it's impossible to imagine the club being quiet today. They still have £15 million left over from the Luka Modric sale and while Daniel Levy has never been shy to take money and run, pocketing £25 million when the team has holes to fill is not like him at all.

Where will that £25 million go? Your guess is as good as mine.

For now, good bye Rafa. You were good for us and we will remember you fondly.