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Danny Rose Set For Loan To Sunderland

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UPDATE: The club has announced this deal as being official.

According to every report ever, Danny Rose is heading to Sunderland on loan for the year. This move will get Rose the regular playing time he desperately needs and there is no word of an option to buy from anyone so odds are it isn't in there. You may resume breathing now.

With Benoit Assou-Ekotto entrenched at left back and Gareth Bale on the left wing, Rose was set for another season on the bench. While the club would like to have depth and keep someone like Rose, he is a young player who cannot afford another year with minimal playing time. His development has been stunted enough and Tottenham need to see him playing regularly, even if for another club, to determine whether or not he has a future at White Hart Lane.

Martin O'Neill has long admired Rose so Sunderland making a move for him is not a surprise. The deal also comes as Sunderland announce that they have sold Kieran Richardson. The Black Cats have a spot open on the left and you can bet that Rose will get every opportunity to take it.

As far as loans go, this one couldn't be better for Rose and Spurs. He will get a chance to play regularly in the Premier League for a team that should finish in the top half. The player and club can't really ask for more than that.

And no matter what happens, we will always have ON HIS PREMIER LEAGUE DEBUT.

That always makes me feel better. Always.


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