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OPEN THREAD: Transfer Deadline Day 2012 Live With Cartilage Free Captain

Welcome to our semi-live chat for football's summer 2012 transfer deadline day. We'll have brand new posts going up on the site all day long, but as usual we'll be blogging and chatting with you all day long. Bryan Ashlock will be running the show for most of the day, but we will definitely see Ryan Rosenblatt, Kevin McCauley, Brian Mechanick and the rest of the staff throughout the day. However, the real star of the show is you! This will mostly be for rumors and chatter regarding all of the other teams in the world, as Tottenham Hotspur will be covered thoroughly in posts throughout the day, but obviously Spurs chat is very welcome here.

The following will be updated constantly throughout the day.

Done Deals

Giovani dos Santos, transfer from Spurs to Mallorca

Danny Rose, loan from Spurs to Sunderland

Rafael van der Vaart transfered to Hamburger SV

Rumored Deals

Joao Moutinho and Spurs still working out personal terms

The same goes for Spurs and Hugo Lloris

Tottenham bid for Clint Dempsey

Dying Deals

Tottenham pass on Yann M'Vila

Jermaine Jenas, transfer from Spurs to Sunderland

Marseille reject Loic Remy bid

This will be going all day long, so feel free to come and go as you please or stick around from early AM in the UK until after the deadline closes.


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