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Danny Rose Loan To Sunderland Made Official

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Danny Rose's loan to Sunderland is complete. Congratulations to every single reporter in the entire world who reported this earlier. You were all right.

As we discussed earlier, this is a great move for Rose and Spurs. Now that the Black Cats have sold Kieran Richardson, Rose will have a great opportunity to playing regularly on the left at the Stadium of Light and after a year spent primarily on the bench at Spurs, regular playing time is vital.

After this season, Tottenham will have a much better idea of what they have in Rose. Maybe he isn't going to be in the club's plans going forward, but at least they will know then. And if he shows well then he can either come back to the club ready to earn some time with Spurs or he'll have boosted his value so Tottenham can get a nice chunk of change in a sale.