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Sunderland Find A Brain, Pull Out For Jermaine Jenas

The permanent Jenas face
The permanent Jenas face

Martin O'Neill and Sunderland have apparently found their way to the Emerald City. After spending some time this morning trying to sign Jermaine Jenas, the Black Cats have realized what they were doing and backed out of the deal. Apparently no amount of money that Spurs offered Sunderland would convince them to take Jenas.

It seemed a little unbelievable that Sunderland really wanted Jenas. O'Neill is a smart manager, which should have made the links to Jenas dubious, but people kept bringing them up and Jenas has this remarkable ability to keep finding suitors. For a while we were actually believing that the impossible might happen, but it won't, which is sad. I was really excited to call O'Neill the Scarecrow.

As of now, there isn't a single rumor floating around about any team showing interest in Jenas, wich is completely believable. I guess all of these other teams have access to TV's and video. Technology sucks sometimes.