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OPEN THREAD PART TWO: The Final Hours of Deadline Day

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Ok, so there are only a few hours left before the window closes for good. Use this thread to discuss all the comings and goings of the day and even a little bit of UEFA Super Cup action if you so desire. We'll keep this post at the top of the page and try to update the list of links below as things happen today. As of this moment deals for Moutinho and Lloris are still in the works and could be finalized before the window closes.

Done Deals

Hugo Lloris Joins Tottenham Hotspur

Giovani dos Santos, transfer from Spurs to Mallorca

Danny Rose, loan from Spurs to Sunderland

Rafael van der Vaart transfered to Hamburger SV

Clint Dempsey joins from Fulham

Rumored Deals

Joao Moutinho and Spurs still working out personal terms, probably won't join

Dying Deals

Tottenham pass on Yann M'Vila

Jermaine Jenas, transfer from Spurs to Sunderland

Marseille reject Loic Remy bid

These last few hours will hopefully be just as crazy as this morning was, but hopefully we'll have offical signings to celebrate. Stay Tuned.


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