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Huddlestone and Kane Linked to Fulham Loans

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A mix of Sky Sports News reporting and Twitter scuttlebutt has Tottenham Hotspur midfielder Tom Huddlestone and forward Harry Kane linked to Fulham loans. The two clubs have already done business today, coming together to move attacker Clint Dempsey to White Hart Lane.

If the moves are loans, then they would not be subject to tonights 11 p.m. GMT deadline, which only applies to full transfers. It is interesting to see if these loans are related to the official going through of the Dempsey deal, or if they are entirely separate entities.

Huddlestone has seen his role at Tottenham shrink as he recovers from injury. The midfielder has fallen even further in the depth chart since Moussa Dembele arrived at Spurs, and would fall even further if a move for Joao Moutinho is completed. Kane has also seen his role at striker diminished since Emmanuel Adebayor arrived on a full transfer from Manchester City.