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Luka Modric Saga Holding Up Hugo Lloris Buy, Says Goalkeeper's Father

It's not secret that Tottenham Hotspur have been looking for a new goalkeeper to replace the 41-year-old Brad Friedel, if not for this season then certainly for next season, and Hugo Lloris name has been bandied about as that possible replacement. The only problem is that buying a keeper like Lloris requires money (£12 million, if you believe the reports) and Spurs aren't exactly flush with it right now. The money they would like to spend is all tied up in Luka Modric.

Yes, Luka Modric, the name that just won't go away. Even when something seems to have nothing to do with Luka, like the aging goalkeeper and his replacement, it does have to do with the Croatian because according to Lloris' father, Tottenham can't make a strong push for the goalkeeper until they sell Luka.

"I'm sure that Hugo's move will be accelerated if Modric joins Real," Luc Lloris said.

Lovely. Just lovely.

Obviously signing Lloris would be a coup. He's only 25 years old and has proven himself at the club and international level to be one of the finer goalkeepers in Europe, but no, something needs to get in the way.

Can this Luka madness end, please? Anytime now would be terrific. Like now. Or now. Or even now.

I am obviously making leaps here, like that Lloris' father knows what he is talking about, but sanity and measure is out the window. I'm going to pull out my hair for a while now.