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Tottenham To Make Another Run At Leandro Damiao (Hopefully True, But Probably Not)

We can haz?
We can haz?

Normally when the Mirror says things we ignore them because, well, duh, but we are going to take this one seriously because it would be so super awesome if true. Those intrepid, hard-working and honest journalists from the Mirror say that Tottenham are ready to try for Leandro Damiao again!

Apparently (which in this case is code for probably not true, but super duper fingers crossed it is true), Daniel Levy is upset with the way Emmanuel Adebayor has handled his possible permanent move to White Hart Lane. Tottenham and Manchester City agreed to a transfer fee of £4 million and the Citizens agreed to help subsidize his wages so the Togolese wouldn't lose a penny, but Adebayor demanded that Spurs pay him the £4 million and City basically let him leave for free.

Naturally, Levy is not happy that Adebayor would oppose a move that sees him get paid all of his wages and move to Spurs, where he would play every match as opposed to rotting on the City bench. So in protest (or a stroke of awesomesauce), Levy is going to go sign Leandro to be Tottenham's new striker.

Tottenham have been tracking Damiao for 18 months and club scouts have been watching him in action for Brazil’s Olympic team. Their last bid of around £12m was turned down by Internacional, but Levy is now considering a £15m offer.

For those who do not remember, Leandro is among my favorite players in the world and I am of the opinion that signing him would be all kinds of amazing. It might have something to do with being 6'2'', having a great first touch, capable of finishing expertly and being tested and proven at the top levels of South American football. You know, just that. Oh, and he's 23 years old.

Signing Leandro would be great for Spurs and once again the rumors of his joining the club are back. They can be maddening and tiresome, but deal with it. It is better to be linked to someone like Leandro (who is fantastic, if you were unclear of my thoughts on him) then to kiss him goodbye and none of your logic about this being the Mirror can stop my excitement.