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Tottenham Top Watford, 1-0, In Friendly Thanks To Jermain Defoe Goal


This is pieced together from tweets, recaps and commentary on the match. I couldn't find a stream of it, so this is the best we've got.

Who said that Jermain Defoe couldn't play as a lone striker? "He's too small and can't play with his back to goal," said everyone ever.

Well, Defoe proved them wrong in one very unimportant and boring preseason friendly against Watford on Sunday. The Tottenham striker got on the end of a cross by Kyle Walker to deliver Spurs a 1-0 win over the Hornets as they continue to prepare for the start of the Premier League season, which is now less than two weeks away.

That Defoe played well is not much of a surprise. As a lone striker or with a partner, Defoe has always abused lower quality teams, as evidenced by the five he put past Wigan or his FA Cup record. What is a surprise is that Walker was the one who put the cross in for Defoe. The right back struggled mightily with his crossing last season, but he was apparently much better against Watford, putting in a couple other good crosses to go along with his assist to Defoe.

From the bad news category, Jermaine Jenas was dreadful by all account. It sure didn't sound like he wants to have much of a career again. He was lazy in defense, gave the ball away with regularity and was pretty much the same ol' Jenas that we have come to expect. Even with the team short on central midfielders, he is making it tough to justify his ever seeing the pitch in a match that matters.

All in all, it sounded like a pretty boring match. That would be concerning, except for the fact that the team hasn't really been able to put together, well, a team yet. Who is going and who is coming? That is much more of a concern than what happened against Watford.