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Tuesday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links For August 7, 2012

Bow down before me, ye mortals.
Bow down before me, ye mortals.

Happy Tuesday, Spursland! Yesterday, early in the morning, NASA landed what is essentially a space ship on Mars to look for, well, signs of life on Mars. Just a friendly reminder, kids, to do it big every day. Other people are so why not you? Audere est Facere.

And now the "news"

Inter Insist There Has Been No New Spurs Bid For Leandro- Sky Sports

For those of you who foolishly allowed your hopes to get up for even the tiniest moment, the word you are looking for is nerds! (Editor's note: SHUT IT, ROOSEVELTS. IT IS HAPPENING.)

Intensity- Dear Mr Levy

I can't agree with this more, and I can't recommend reading it enough.

What's happening around SB Nation after the jump

Slave To The Back Line :How The Greatest Swimmer Became Human-SB Nation

Just in case you needed to know more about Michael Phelps and four Olympics of NBC feel good, personal interest stories might not have been enough for you, especially the last two Olympics they barley covered him!

ANIMATED: Megan Rapinoe Says, "Talk To The Hand"- SB Nation Soccer

While talk to the hand has not been cool for around 20 years, Megan Rapinoe somehow pulls it off and makes it seem not ridiculously campy. That's just how awesome she is.

Holy Crap An SB Nation Blog about Bars!- Sports Bar Nation

Sure, it hasn't been updated in a bit, but it is a blog about bars, and drinking in them and stuff. This is why we teach our children to dare to dream (also that to dare is to do).

All The Coverage Of The USWNT Win Over Canada You Could Ever Want- SB Nation Soccer

"Hey Canada, Victory is mine", Alex Morgan probably said after she took a dookie on the hopes and dreams of snowbound people everywhere.