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Thursday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links For August 9, 2012

What do you mean thats their final offer?
What do you mean thats their final offer?

Happy Thursday, Spursland! Could it be? is it possible? Is the Luka Modric saga about to be boxed up, wrapped in tinfoil and like some many leftovers past, shoved unceremoniously back into the freezer until it is called on again?

Real Madrid have tabled their "final offer" for a player that they don't really need. It is an offer Daniel Levy is almost sure to dismiss as insulting. With no other suitors it would seem that we are about to go through another season just dreading summer, when once again this nonsense starts up once more. It seems as if Spurs cannot move on without selling Modric. We cannot buy Leandro and we cannot afford to replace him until he is gone. While he may remain physically on the team, I assure you he is gone in every other way. He isn't ours anymore.

Is this saga over for another year? Maybe. But I for one hope it is not. Don't dream it's over.

And now the "news"

Kaboul Won't Quit Spurs- Sky Sports

I'd like to thank Sky Sports for answering a question that absolutely nobody had asked.

The Calm Before The Storm- Dear Mr Levy

Spooky gonna drank!!!!!

What's happening around SB Nation after the jump

Nicolas Batum Wins Nutshot Of The Century Award- SB Nation

Stuff like this makes me wish that the Olympics implemented the playground rule that stats that Batum has to allow one unprotected nutshot as penance.

The Olympics' 15 Most Terrifying Mascots- SB Nation

We need to just scrap Olympic mascots entirely (Editor's note: We can scrap all mascots at professional sporting events everywhere while we're at it). At best they suck on a level not seen round these parts since Alan Hutton was here, and at worst they are horrifying. Think of your kids! They have enough normal stuff that gives them shit-the-bed-inducing nightmares. Do we really need to pump more things that will scare them into the world? And who is going to change the sheets now?!

MLA Changes Tie Breaker Rule Midseason, Is Shady -SB Nation Soccer

Hmm, MLS changing rules to benefit, wait for it, wait for iiiiiittt, New York And LA. Oh, MLS, do you want to be more like the NBA and you just didn't know how to tell us?

What If He Stays? Alan Hutton Place On The Squad- 7500 To Holte

Oh, I am so sorry.