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Monday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links For September 10, 2012

I'sa gonna Save you
I'sa gonna Save you

Happy Monday, Spursland! Welcome back, everyone! Yes the disappointment international break is over and now the real meat of the season starts. Yes, I know technically the season started weeks ago and games that "mean something" have already transpired, but they don't "really matter", do they? I mean, this is the time that matters and now we have Deuce so those other teams might as well not even show up.

Clint Dempsey "Almost Reduced To Tears"- Sky Sports

For a reenactment of Clint Dempsey on deadline day we of course turn to Hoddle Of Coffee analyst Donald Glover.

Jenas to Leeds?- Metro

We really should just donate him to someone who will appreciate him.

What's happening around SB Nation after the jump

RGIII's Heart Is With Adidas- SB Nation

And his tread marks are all over the Saints' face.

VIDEO: Andy Murray Presents Live Action Sequel To Weeding Crashers Staring Fergie and The Best James Bond- SB Nation Soccer

When I am old and filthy rich and famous I herby vow that I too shall get shitfaced and interrupt things and talk in nationalist gibberish.

Brendan Rodgers Has A Painting Of Himself Hanging In His House- SB Nation Soccer

No word yet on the rumor that he is planning a takeover of Average Joe's gym.

Christian Benteke May Be In A little Bit Of Trouble- 7500 To Hotle

This title I may be the world's greatest ever example of soft-pedaling something.