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Gareth Bale Has Yet To Score This Season, But Can He Score Off The Pitch?

When the international break comes around there usually isn't a lot to talk about when it comes to club football. Had not been for the transfer window just passing there might not have been anything worthwhile to talk about last week. It's during those slow weeks that my brilliant mind starts thinking of things to write for the website.

I always try to come up with creative and interesting things to write, but that doesn't always work. I'm not a football analysis genius like Kevin, which precludes me from doing posts with lots of screenshots and other cool stuff. i can't do my fun match analysis posts for Monday morning if there is no match to analyze. So, inevitably I turn to the realm of farce.

I've done a couple fake conversations now and I felt like doing another might be going back to the well too soon. Instead, I used my limited Adobe Creative Suite skills to create the image you will see after the jump. If nothing else it was my chance to have a little fun. Hopefully, there will be some real news this week.



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