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Tuesday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links For September 11, 2012

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Happy Tuesday, Spursland! Can you feel it? That feeling that we are going to get three points this weekend? I have that feeling, that strange little tingle I get in my left big toe that only signals a sure three points or impending snowfall. It is time. The team is together finally, sure there are still questions, but the team is set. Time to make Reading FC's squad look about as quality as Reading PA.

And now the "news"

Graham Roberts Assists London 24 In Continueing The Media's AVB Troll Job- London 24

Just once, just once, when i sit down to write I would like to be able to fire up the old internet machine and read something positive about AVB, or something positive about Tottenham in general. That happens very, very rarely. It happens even less when it is a slow news week.

Caulker Scores For England U-21s-

When we will see him break into the starting lineup this season? I don't know. I thought we would have seen him once already, but Hugo Lloris told me that AVB doesn't like to squad rotate so maybe we won't ever see him.

What's happening around SB Nation after the jump

VIDEO: Brandon Weeden Attacked By Flag, Loses- SB Nation

Like being a Cleveland fan wasn't hard enough as it is.

Hodgson's England On The Road To Nowhere- SB Nation Soccer

I mean, this isn't that surprising to me. I don't think you can expect a national side to improve much unless new players are brought in that can change the game and aside from Rooney I don't see a player for England that is both in his prime and can dominate a game the way the other top national sides can. Until the next great one from England comes along, I don't see much changing.

DORITOS LOCOS THROWDOWN OH-TWELVE: The Aftermath- Progressive Boink

So we at CFC are officially stealing this idea from Progressive Boink. We are going to repackage it with some other form of trash food and then dominate ourselves until we are just sacks of junk food and self loathing. #Murica