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What If Marouane Fellaini Joined Tottenham Hotspur?

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Earlier this week Everton midfielder turned striker Marouane Fellaini revealed that he could be leaving the Merseyside club as soon as January. Of course, Fellaini later back-tracked on those comments, but the question still remains, what if Fellaini were to swap Liverpool for London and come to Tottenham Hotspur? Fellaini wouldn't come cheap, but Spurs should have a decent amount of money to spend in January or this summer.

Certainly, the Belgian midfielder would be able to play with a couple of his international teammates at Tottenham Hotspur. New signings Mousa Dembele and Jan Vertonghen already form a strong Belgian contingent at White Hart Lane. Additionally, Fellaini would offer Tottenham a lot of things that they do not currently have, namely a big target in the air.

Given Fellaini's early season performances I'm not sure if the Belgian now fancies himself a striker or if this is just something that manager David Moyes is experimenting with. Most websites list him as playing sort of in the hole behind Everton's lone striker, but from watching the matches Everton certainly shape up more like a 4-4-2 than a 4-4-1-1.

Imagine Fellaini playing in a midfield with Dembele and Sandro/Parker. Fellaini could occupy the more advanced role, similar to how Ramires plays for Chelsea. While Fellaini may lack the pace and dribbling skill of Ramires, but his power and size would certainly bring something different to the Tottenham midfield. Fellaini also brings some excellent defensive abilities to the table which would only help bolster Tottenham's occasionally shaky defense.

Some might be inclined to say that Dembele would be better suited to playing the advanced role with Fellaini sitting deeper. I don't think this is an ideal position for Fellaini. He's just not a good enough passer to play in the deep-lying playmaker role. Last season he completed 80% of his passes as opposed to the 89% that Dembele completed (Stats via EPL Index). Sure, his defensive abilities might make him more suited to playing a deeper role, but then you lose the pressure that he puts on central defenders with his aerial ability.

So, what say you, oh wise commentariate? How would Fellaini fit in at Spurs? Would you want him?