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A Team Might Actually Want Jermaine Jenas

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So... Leeds United needs another midfielder after David Norris, Paul Green, and Michael Green have all struggled with injury. Tottenham Hotspur happens to have a midfielder they have zero need for in Jermaine Jenas. So it's time for a transfer target match game!

Sky Sports is the one on this one, claiming that Leeds Boss Neil Warnock is strongly linked to Jenas.

"We are looking all over for a midfield player to join us before the weekend," Warnock said. "We've asked about a couple of midfield players and we should know soon because we need someone in there. We're looking at what there is around."

Jenas isn't available to leave on a full transfer, but can move to a lower-division side on loan. After rupturing his Achilles on loan last season with Aston Villa, Jenas is now fully-fit and even saw his Tottenham return in a late-game substitute appearance against West Brom.

Do you think Jenas would be a good fit at Leeds? Or do you just want to see him gone from Spurs at any cost? Sound off below


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