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Hugo Lloris Is Apparently Ready to Compete

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When Tottenham Hotspur manager Andre-Villas Boas did not immediately hand new goalkeeper signing Hugo Lloris the starting job, it seemed to send waves around football. Suddenly Lloris was unhappy, French National Team Manager Didier Deschamps was worried, and all of the Spurs players were seemingly having to come out on Team Friedel or Team Lloris.

Well based on some new quotes, it seems Lloris is more interested in winning the starting job than being a prima donna:

"I will join Tottenham calmly, discovering a new world, another league," Lloris said. "I have lots of things to prove there. I will have to work hard."

The quotes should help end the idea that a storm of drama was coming to Tottenham Hotspur over the goalkeeping position. Brad Friedel looks to have the hold on the starting spot for now, but with a wave of Europa League and League Cup matches coming up, Llloris should have ample opportunities to prove that he should be first choice.

Do you believe in Lloris' positive attitude, or is it just for show? And what kind of performances does he need to put up to earn the starting job? Sound off below:


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