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Tottenham's New Training Facility is Reportedly Awesome

Andre Villas-Boas is very excited about the new facilities. (Photo by Chris Brunskill/Getty Images)
Andre Villas-Boas is very excited about the new facilities. (Photo by Chris Brunskill/Getty Images)
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As we mentioned yesterday, Tottenham Hotspur finally moved into their new training facility. The new site, which is apparently called Hotspur Way, drew rave reviews from the players and staff. As mentioned yesterday, I think the name Hotspur Way is silly. I will hence forth be referring to the training center as either Bulls Cross (the facilities location) or King's Landing (as suggested by Alec Kamas of the commentariate). If that causes any confusion, well, too bad.

Here's a little sampling of what the lads had to say about King's Landing. We'll start with Michael Dawson:

"The lads are coming here excited. It’s fresh, everything’s new. When you look at the facilities, there aren’t that many better. Everything from the changing room to the canteen is very special, and an awful lot of work has gone into it by a lot of people. The lads are buzzing to be here and to have the opportunity to experience the quality that’s here.

More from the rest of the players after the jump.

Aaron Lennon had quite a bit to say about King's Landing. Here's just a sampling:

"It really is an incredible place. I’ve trained at the training grounds of most of the big clubs while with England and none of them come close to this. I’m walking around here and I can’t believe that this is our workplace, our training facility. It’s fantastic that the club has made this happen...This training centre is not only going to improve us as a team but it will benefit players at every level at the club...The lads can do so much more here in terms of gym work, conditioning and rehab as well and the pitches are perfect for playing football on."

Emmanuel Adebayor even took time to laud the club's new digs:

"I’ve had the chance to play at Real Madrid, Arsenal and Manchester City and for me, this is one of the best training grounds in Europe, no doubt about that."

Everyone around the club seems incredibly excited about the new facility. I have to say that just looking at it makes me excited. Remember the live shots of Spurs Lodge from Sky Sports News on Deadline Day? That place looked like a municipal building. One of those places where snowplow drivers hang out in between shifts. The new place looks modern and awesome. It seems like all the players are excited to get to work at King's Landing.