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Emmanuel Adebayor To Miss Lazio Match

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Hey guys, remember when he had that super cool idea that Emmanuel Adebayor would get match fit in the Europa League and try to play his way into the league starting XI? Well, reports have Adebayor missing tomorrow's Europa League kick-off with a hamstring injury.

Obviously, this injury hurts Adebayor's bid for league playing time. Jermain Defoe is off to a hot start in the league, and it seems it will take either a cold streak from Defoe or some impressive substitute appearances from Adebayor to change the allocation of playing time.

But in the interim, who will start for Tottenham Hotspur tomorrow? The easy answer is Jermain Defoe, but I can't imagine that Andre Villas-Boas would want to see his hot start striker have to play starter minutes so soon before Spurs' next league match.

I would personally guess that Clint Dempsey gets the chance to prove himself as the number 9. It's not a position Dempsey has played often, but with Defoe and Adebayor the only other experienced striker options on Tottenham, manager Andre Villas-Boas may want to find out if Deuce is a viable striker option.

The remaining options at striker seem to be youngsters, with Jon Obika the most obvious choice. Obika is apparently on the provisional Europa League squad and has impressed with the U-21 team. Obika has had some successful loans, namely with League One side Yeovil Town.

What starting XI do you want to see tomorrow night against Lazio now that Adebayor is out for the match? Sound off in the comments below:


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