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Monday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee:Tottenham hotspur News And Links September 24, 2012

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Happy Monday Spursland! WOOOOOO we are rolling baby, 6 points in two games and now only 2 points out of third place! We are just slaying it man. Nobody can even come close to catching us. it should be noted that I couldn't actually watch yesterday's game so I am just assuming that we dominated like England in the Anglo-Zanzibar War based on the score line.

And now the "news"

AVB Would Welcome The Implementing Of A Technical Director-Sky Sports

I'd like to welcome you guys to our new thing to aggressively disagree about in the comments section, continuing the proud tradition that began with Hugo Loris. Expect more on this from the staff soon.

Spurs Academy Draws Southampton 2-2 in U18

Looks like we are continuing to build up some young hammers which we really need to do because I just read the live match thread from Sunday and apparently our entire team sucked balls.

What's happening around SB Nation after the jump.

All Hail Alexi Lalas' Beard-SB Nation Soccer

It's is like a gingery face-coat, a mink gingery face-coat. #suckitpeta

What Is Mark Sanchez Trying To Tell Tim Tebow?-SB Nation

It is either "Catch MOTHER FUCKER!" or "MOTHER FUCKER"

The Alternative Baseball Movie Guide-SB Nation MLB

I can smell the postseason, which is the only time I really have the patience for baseball. This is so anti-American it basically makes me Ashlock.

The Greatest Lines In Baseball Movie History-SB Nation MLB

I'd like to know how "pitcher's got a big but" from Rookie Of The Year did not make the cut!