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Eden Hazard Says He Almost Went To Spurs, Supporters Cry

Eden Hazard was close to signing for Tottenham, but missing out on the Champions League turned him away from White Hart Lane.

Clive Rose - Getty Images

Most everyone was happy with Tottenham Hotspur's business this summer. It may have taken a while and that was hardly ideal, but the team bought a slew of fine players. The only possible problem was in the center of the midfield.

So when Eden Hazard came out on Tuesday and said that he was very close to signing with Tottenham, it was easy to ignore because Spurs made out fine and he's not the central midfielder the team needs. Wait, no, this is Eden Goddamn Hazard and Tottenham almost had him except they missed out on the Champions League, which was only the result of Chelsea getting in and then he went to Stamford Bridge.

Cue every Spur crying:

"It’s true that Tottenham tempted me because it was a young team which was third in the league," Hazard told France Football. "Unfortunately, the end of the season did not go well. They did not reach the Champions League, which tipped the balance."

Crying. Still crying. Guys, still crying. Football is stupid.

Because missing the Champions League wasn't bad enough...