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Jermaine Jenas May Or May Not Be On His Way To Forest

Rumors are linking Jermaine Jenas with a Nottingham Forest loan

Ian Walton - Getty Images

Ah, contradicting transfer rumors! It feels like August all over again. The latest comes on Tottenham Hotspur's Jermaine Jenas, currently sitting way down the depth chart and looking for playing time. A report from The Guardian is linking Jenas with a loan to his first club, Nottingham Forest.

For Jenas this would be a true homecoming, as the midfielder was born in Nottingham and developed in the Forest Academy. However, Nottingham Forest manager Sean O'Driscoll has contradicted this. The Forest Gaffer says he has had no contact with Spurs over a possible loan move for Jenas. He did admit his interest though, saying:

"We are aware that Jermaine is available because of the noises coming out of Tottenham and I think he has been available for quite some time," said O'Driscoll. "It is a case of 'will he improve the squad?' If he is fit, and he plays anything like he can play, then he probably would."

With Jenas's contract up after this season Andre Villas-Boas and Daniel Levy are seemingly looking for an opportunity to avoid having to pay more salary to a player unlikely to see the field. At the same time, a successful loan move could put Jenas in the shop window ahead of his free agency and earn the contract he would like to have next.

A Nottingham Forest move seems to make a lot of sense on paper, but it seems that a loan for Jenas would be the best for all sides regardless.


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