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Jenas Back With Nottingham Forest For One-Month Loan

Tottenham Hotspur have finally managed to loan out Jermaine Jenas---if only for a month. Jenas will join his boyhood club—I mean this completely unironically; this isn't a Robbie Keane situation—on an emergency loan for one month. The former England International is expected to go right into the first team for Forest's match against Derby County this weekend.

Jenas's loan seems likely to be a testing out period for both sides. With only one year left on Jenas' deal with Spurs, it seems likely that the North London side is just looking for salary relief. If Jenas does well with Forest, it seems likely that the deal will be extended or Jenas will be loaned out to a new side. However, if Jenas fails to impress or is unable to stay fit, then it seems likely that Forest will want to continue to pay Jenas's high wages.

Either way, the move seems to signal that Jermaine Jenas' era at Tottenham Hotspur is just about at its close. Jenas has been at the club since 2005, scoring 26 goals in 151 appearances.


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