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Monday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links For September 3, 2012

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This picture says it all.
This picture says it all.

Happy Monday, Spursland! Things are admittedly not going well. You may be down in the dumps, you may be mad at the team or Levy or AVB so don't be distracted by this baby meeting a puppy. The team isn't firing on all cylinders and we have not gotten a win against teams that, on paper, we outclass by miles and we are all mad, but oh look at distraction! We are all hurting right now. We are all raw with the lost points, but we can turn this around. Our players have the talent to turn this season around, and for goodness sake look at this stray dog dancing.

and now the "mews"

Lyon Is Pissed At Levy- Sky Sports

Aside from saying, "Dude it is Dan Levy. What were you expecting?" to the Lyon president this article contains some great quotes that shed some light into the mysterious world of Levy negotiations. Basically he does whatever he wants, when he wants because he is the negotiation equivalent of the Beastmaster.

AVB Calls For Patience- Telegraph

I wouldn't be too patient for results. Mr. Town Snakes, because while you may not have heard yet, your boss is a resourceful guy who tends to get what he wants even if he seems to not have the resources to get it. They even made a TV show about him back in the early 90s. So don't mess with Levy. He doesn't want to hear your excuses.

You've Destroyed Our Club- Dear Mr. Levy

And Spooky was never heard from again.

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The World Cup 2014 Match Ball Will Be Called "The Brazuca"- SB Nation Soccer

The next time a World Cup comes to the States I vote we ironically name it "Jimmy".

Have You Guys Met Tiehurst End?

This is SB Nation's brand spanking new Reading blog. For all of your scouting out of the next team we are going to tie, head on over there and say hello.

They Let Someone Play Video Games On The Jerry Tron- Every Day Should Be Saturday

That is completely photoshopped. Whoever this is is holding up a PS3 controller, but that is totally Track And Field from the original Nintendo on the screen.