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Grading The Transfer Window: Mostly Good Grades

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It's been a few days since the summer transfer period ended and the entire staff has had some time to think about what transpired over the summer. With that in mind, we thought we've offer you our thoughts on how Tottenham Hotspur did with player sales and purchases this summer. UPDATED TO INCLUDE MECHANICK'S GRADE.

Kevin: Daniel Levy bought more potential contributors than he sold, and at the very least, was willing to spend more money than he brought in. I think that all of the players purchased by Tottenham Hotspur during this summer have the potential to start for the team regularly sometime in the next couple of years. For those three reasons, the transfer window has to be considered a success. However, the team did sell their best player without buying a direct replacement. There's also no more depth at striker than there was last season. These are two big failings on Levy's part, and can't be ignored. I'm very happy with the players that were brought in, but failing to wrap up the Moutinho signing was disappointing, and the fact that Spurs didn't seriously pursue a striker other than Emmanuel Adebayor is a problem, in my eyes. There's plenty of potential for me to be proven wrong, but for now, Tottenham gets a B.

Ryan: It's an A- for me. The only hole that I think we didn't fill was striker, where I'd have liked one more, but we got top-notch quality pretty much everywhere else and Clint Dempsey can play striker in a pinch so that's not too bad. Elsewhere, it's top quality players everywhere and we spent less than we sold. I mean, seriously, did we overpay for ANYONE?! All hail Daniel Levy.

Nick: A, and the only thing preventing an A+ is the failure to sign Moutinho. The amount of depth we gained across the board and the tactical flexibility our signings give us is immense. We can play Europa Group Stage games with a team that isn't entirely composed of youth players, and we should never have a player hit a wall during the season. The big winners on the team in this window are Scott Parker, who has enough players around him now to not need to play every single game, and Gareth Bale, who with the signings brought in will have the opportunity and flexibility to play on the right and drift with more authority now. The loser of course is Aaron Lennon, who really, really needs to prove himself to retain his starting position on the right with Clint Dempsey coming in. The big news with this window though is the fact that we removed a lot of deadwood, got a lot of Modric, and emerge from the window 13 million pounds in the black. That will look very good for our transfer prospects in January, and depending on our position and whether we make the Europa Knockout Stages, we will have the opportunity to make the One Big Move (Damaiao or Moutinho) in January.

Ed: This may actually come as a bit of a surprise but I'm really, really tempted to opt for a B for the window, purely based on the fact that we failed to add more outright quality depth at the striker position for the umpteenth year in a row and I really do think it will cost us yet again at some point this season. I had faith that Levy would lodge a last minute bid for a forward who would give us something different, a big lumbering type who could diversify our attack, but it never happened. However, looking at the window as a whole I can't bring myself to waver from A-. We ditched the unusable and troublemaking elements from our squad for brilliant prices and replaced them with quality talents like Dempsey and Dembele, so in that sense our squad has been upgraded, and we now have creativity at centre mid restored. Oh, and my number one favourite stopper in the whole world now plays in goal for us. How could I fail to trust in Levy when he's done his utmost to woo me over like this? A-.

TheRoosevelts: The Team filed it's need as best as possible this window, they even managed to do some of it early enough to get some new guys a few per-season games with the team. That by itself exceeds my expectations and as always we got a deadline day surprise that has me and Bryan Ashlock very very happy, in the form of Clint Dempsey. We brought in center back improvement, a quality striker and improved the midfield assuming that no matter what Modric was gone. Add on the fact that the team made over 10m profit from the window and I don't know how you cannot give the team an A.

Bryan: I'm going to be completely honest and say that I disagree with everyone here. Tottenham Hotspur did not improve enough in this transfer window for me and regardless of whatever profit the club made on player trading the way we did our business did not set us up for success. We said all last season that we need a striker. So what happened? We bought a player who we had last year when we needed a striker. We sold the club's best player (Luka Modric) and another one of it's most talented players (Van der Vaart) and didn't really adequately replace them. Some folks mentioned how we added depth to the team, but I don't see how signing 6 guys and losing 11 adds depth. I think Dembele, Lloris and Vertonghen are great purchases. We all know I'm not high on Dempsey, but I'm willing to take a wait and see approach with him. The Sigurdsson signing still makes no sense to me. The most damning thing though is the aforementioned lack of a striker and how we still waited to the last minute to do business. This team is not better than it was last year. C

Brian: Look, Daniel Levy was dealt a crap deck to start the window with Luka Modric wanting his departure. However, in Dembele, Dempsey and Lloris arriving Levy gave the club some tangible improvements. The move to the 4-3-3 is ready to be made. And however sad the Joao Moutinho failure may have been, the fact that money is there looming to be spent in January is a comfort. This team has no easily identifiable flaws right now. Only a system that needs to be learned by the players. Therefore, for the window, it's tough to be anything but positive. A


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