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Lost In The Transfer Deadline Shuffle: Aaron Lennon's New Contract

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This isn't news to people who follow Tottenham Hotspur very closely, but among the madness that was transfer deadline day and a Premier League match in a two-day period, we neglected to cover the news that Aaron Lennon has signed a new contract with the club. The 25-year-old winger is locked up through 2016.

Before Lennon inked the new deal, there were rumors that the club had put him up for sale. It's been quite a while since Lennon was a consistent performer for Tottenham, but they're not exactly loaded with depth on the wings. Clint Dempsey and Moussa Dembele can play wide, however, and could push Lennon out of the lineup in the coming weeks.

Lennon's new deal, like Jermain Defoe's, probably doesn't tie him to the club long-term. It's just very difficult to fetch a good sale price for a player whose contract is expiring, and Lennon is at the very minimum an excellent bench option. He doesn't look to be fitting in well with Andre Villas-Boas' new tactics, but then again, does anyone? It will be a while before we know exactly what Lennon can provide under the new regime.

For now, this is probably a decent move for the club. If Villas-Boas and Daniel Levy want to ship out Lennon in January or next summer, they'll get a better fee for him for having inked him to the new contract.


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