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Will Harry Kane Find Success at Norwich City?

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Perhaps lost in the hustle of Friday's transfer deadline day was Harry Kane's loan to Norwich City. Kane, 19, has joined the East Anglian side on a season-long loan.

Kane came into this season with a ton of promise, fresh of a starring loan at Millwall and pushing for playing time after Jermain Defoe missed time to personal tragedies. But Kane failed to impress new manager Andre Villas-Boas sufficiently. Clint Dempsey's deadline arrival sealed Kane's fate, as the young forward was extremely unlikely to earn consistent first team minutes.

Kane goes to a Norwich City side helmed by Chris Hughton, who has continued a strong personal relationship with his former club. Hughton gave a ton of playing time to Andros Townend last season with Birmingham City, helping to forge the young left winger as one of the brighter prospects in the Tottenham youth. Hughton has always shown a willingness to go with young players over more experienced veterans.

But who is Kane competing against for minutes with The Canaries? Well the mainstay of the Norwich City attack is Grant Holt, who tallied 15 league goals in his debut Premiership season. Physically, Kane is built quite similar to Holt. However, their games are none too similar at the moment. Kane has turned into more of a deep-lying forward looking to link play and make late runs. Holt on the other hand is a true line leader, looking for crosses and playing with power.

Kane will not be able to overtake Holt in the striker depth chart. However, Holt stands out as the player Kane should try to learn from the most. Kane is technically quite skilled for his age, but an injection in some of Holt's raw power into his game would help Kane become a top-line striker the most.

Perhaps the greatest competition for minutes with Kane is Canadian striker Simeon Jackson, who has started the last two games for Norwich City. Jackson has pace for days, and provides the classic balance to Holt in forming a power/speed combo. However, Jackson's finishing has often been lacking in his career. If Kane can prove himself a better finisher than Jackson, he may be able to find some consistent league form.

The remaining challenger is Welsh forward Steve Morison. Now in his second season at Carrow Road, Morison was able to tally 10 league goals in 2011-12. However, Morison has tended to be more of a impact substitute than starter in his time with Norwich. Large but unathletic, Kane will likely have to pass Morison if he wants to consistently earn league minutes.

In the end, Kane's loan to Norwich City should prove fruitful. Norwich City is perhaps the best balance of opportunity and coaching that would see still Kane play at the Premiership level. And in Grant Holt, Kane has a perfect model for how to grow his game. Chris Hughton is a good coach, and has proven himself a good developer of talent. If he gives Kane a fair shot, then the young striker just might come back to Spurs ready to prove himself.


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