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SB Nation's Premier League Power Rankings: No Love For Tottenham

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In case you missed it last week, I've taken over SB Nation's Premier League Power Rankings column, which means I ask a bunch of people to vote and send in the explanations for their team, then I punch some numbers into a calculator. It usually involves laughing at bad voters. Last week, Tottenham Hotspur came in 8th, which was fair. This week, they're in at 9th, which is also probably fair.

You can find the entire SB Nation Soccer Power Rankings column right here. Here's my explanation for where Tottenham are and what they're doing right now.

Saturday's result was another disappointing one for Andre Villas-Boas and company. Hopefully for Spurs, their new signings will start playing after the international break and they'll start playing some better football. A starting XI that features Emmanuel Adebayor, Moussa Dembele and Clint Dempsey should perform better than the lineups that Tottenham trotted out in their first three games, but they won't be a magic fix.

I voted Tottenham a little above where they placed, in 7th. There's only two teams that I think have played so well that they deserve to be placed above Tottenham, even though I expect them to finish below Spurs at the end of the season -- West Brom and Everton. Newcastle have been very poor in each of their last two games, Liverpool have been worse than Spurs, and I'm not sold on Swansea.

Even though there was a slight shift in the averages on top, I did not swap my top two and kept Chelsea just ahead of Manchester City. Because of West Brom's win over Everton and Arsenal's win over Liverpool, I moved Arsenal to 4th and West Brom ahead of Everton as well, to 5th.

Any issue with how I voted? How about with the rankings as a whole?


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