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Wednesday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links For September 5, 2012

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Happy Wednesday, Spursland! Let us talk for a moment about Clint Dempsey and the coming red, white, and bro apocalypse that has been predicted by some. There are those of you here who have stated your fears that the lax bro, Clint Dempsey loving people that Ryan Rosenblatt hangs with at USMNT games are going to come to CFC and ruin this glorious Archer GIF filled paradise. I say let them come. We can change these people. We can help them become just as awesome as us. CFC declares this day give us your drunk, your shirtless, your non-ironic "'Muricah" chanters. We can change them and make them better and this community will continue to grow, and maybe, just maybe, they can make us better too. So don't listen to Ashlock belly-ache over Dempsey anymore. This could be a good thing.

And now the "news"

The Moutinho Deal WAS Done And He Had Agreed, Third Party Ownership Scuttled The Deal- The Guardian

The metaphor that buying and selling players' rights seems an awful lot like slavery has been made time and time before and it is usually debunked as something that doesn't really apply to the situation exactly. Yes, the idea of making a slavery comparison with some players earning £15 million a season seems weird, but come on. When you get into third party ownership, doesn't it feel juuuust a bit too much like slavery? Maybe just a little. I mean this isn't a sugar plantation in the Grenadines, this is a person we are talking about. Let's not talk about owning 15% of him, or better yet lets not own anyone.

Defoe Calls On Fans To Give AVB Time- Sky Sports

I don't think fans giving the man time is the issue. Only a few of us here are really ready to let this dashing piece of gaffer go just yet, but the same cannot be said for the British sporting press. Look at the wording in this story. They are getting more and more aggressive when talking about Villas-Boas. The press seems to be just salivating at the headlines they can write if Tottenham loses next weekend. Will the AVB era be over if we don't put three in the bank this weekend? Id say probably not. So let us all just chill out, maybe try a breathing exercise and let the team work.

What's happening around SB Nation after the jump

Victoria Azarenka Busts Out The Best/Worst Dance Moves Ever At The US Open- SB Nation

I see we have a fan of Elaine Benes fan on our hands

Watch The EPL Throne, Liverpool And LeBron James- SB Nation Soccer

So this could be the douchiest/awesomest thing ever. As much as I think that I would hate any conversation with LeBron that lasted more than five minutes, I enjoy a night in Vegas with him. Hell yes I think I would. I imagine it is exactly how Ryan Rosenblatt would live if he hit Powerball.

NFL Preseason Power Rankings- SB Nation NFL

While the Redskins may not be ranked at the bottom, three years of living in Washington DC taught me that win or lose they will always win the title of most depressing season for the fans. In another five years people are going to start calling them the Cubs.