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Thursday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links For September 6, 2012

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Happy Thursday Spursland! It is pre-Friday, my friends, and contrary to what my pain pilled up self posted yesterday, there is no Spurs footie on this weekend. I know, I too am beside myself, but fear not for I have discovered a new pastime that can distract us all -- Australian beer commercials! It is just so beautifully amazing, isn't it?

And now the "news"

From The Archives, September 5, 1970: Questions Asked As Spurs Suspened Souness- The Guardian

This is a great glimpse back into a different time.

Inter Slap 50m Price Tag On Leandro- Sport 360

So stop talking about it already! It has been years of this crap. This is the reverse Luka Modtric except it will never ever happen! Can't we all just let it go?

What's happening around SB Nation after the jump

America, You Are Not Emancipated -SB Nation

Frank Caliendo continues to do things involving football, not in his act ,but on football shows, which is why I do not watch them. That and I can't watch a single pre-game show and not be subjected to some of the worst offenders of the giant tie knot in all of the world. Do these guys think it is cool to have a knot that big and wear nothing but colors out of the tropical themed box of crayons? Also, why is this an affliction suffered only by retired NFL Players? A good knot in a tie is important, but big does not mean good, just look at Manute Bol.

Ronaldo Haz Sad, It Won't Affect his Desire To Win Though- Managing Madrid

I bet that Kim Kardashian started to get bored with Kanye got drunk and sexted Ronaldo a few days ago then Kanye bought her something so she stopped and now Ronaldo feels abandoned.

USA Vs. Jamaica World Cup Qualifying: What Has Changed Since The Gold Cup- Stars And Stripes FC

What has changed? How about the new USMNT and USWNT blog here at SB Nation, that's what.

NFL GIF Preview- SB Nation NFL

These are to say the least accurate descriptions of each fan base.