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David Bentley Off To Russia ... Stop Laughing, I'm Serious!

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David Bentley is joining up with an odd group of players that you've barely heard of at Russian Premier League side FK Rostov, where he will try to help save the club from relegation. They're currently just above the drop zone with six points from seven matches and a goal differential of minus-3.

Other notable players: Former Tottenham Hotspur man (lol) Stipe Pletikosa, Czech international forward Jan Holenda, USMNT hopeful Yevgeni Starikov and journeyman Florent Sinama Pongolle, who is probably best remembered for that time that he didn't live up to his massive potential at Liverpool.

I would like to tell you how likely Bentley is to start and where he will play, but I can't. I know the big teams in the RPL well, but not FC Rostov. I can tell you that they've been playing 4-3-3 and 4-2-3-1 variations, and that he'll become their best true right winger. The guys they've played there are true fullbacks or center mids.

Woo go David Bentley!