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Tottenham Hotspur vs. Reading preview: Letting up against the Royals would be "silly", but Spurs are silly

Failing to beat Reading would be oh so Spursy.

Julian Finney

Tottenham Hotspur are beginning to find form. They have lost just once of their last 11 matches and are coming off a good shellacking of Aston Villa away and a win at Sunderland. All is well, right? Not quite, because this is Spurs, where whenever "all is well", "all goes to hell."

Andre Villas-Boas has come out and said that it would be "silly" for Spurs to let up when they host Reading on New Year's Day. Little does he know, Spurs excel at "silly." In fact, that he has now called a let up "silly," there is a 84.3% chance that they will let up. It's in the water and nothing would say "Welcome to 2013" better at White Hart Lane than an act of silliness.

You know what is also silly? Trying to write this preview deathly sick, or me writing at all ever. So on that note, me and drugs are going to get acquainted. The doctor told me too and you never ignore your doctor. That is unless you are Younes Kaboul and your doctor tells you that you aren't fit yet. Miss you, Younes.