The argument against Joao Moutinho, in Chinese.

A few days ago I wrote a controversial article on why Joao Moutinho wasn't worth signing. Whether or not you agreed or disagreed is irrelevant. The real story here is what happened next. I noticed in the site statistics that traffic to the article was coming from a Chinese Tottenham forum.

Curious, I wandered over to see what our Chinese kindred had to say. Lo and behold, I found the entire article had been translated into Chinese. But when I translated it back into English, my article achieved levels of transcendent poetry I could never have crafted on my own. Some of it is obviously nothing but gibberish, but in rare moments, a beautiful truth emerges.

Since last summer, Joao - Moutinho became Zan Cock the wire barbed mind number one goddess ... we really need to go into captivity people?

Sao years, get excited, I am not saying that Joao - Moutinho is not a good player. I also he is attracted to the long, the dream often found its appears dressed in white robes at White Hart Lane. But if it is true to sign him, more than the residual brain is simply no brains.

When the first saliva tick coveted Porto that Pianpiangongzi, we really really need Moutinho this player. The seeing should parted ways with beloved Luka - Modric, our midfield was needed tonic instead Luka. Moutinho is a suitable son: he, as a tardiness organizational core has excellent passing technology, but also just to shine in the 2012 European Cup. And le? See AVB behind him, eyes full of love, we know that cooperation with Boas at Porto, he had what a wonderful, they help each other in Porto, to work together to reach a league play undefeated & Triple Crown season career wave climax. If they could come, and this is how perfect reunite! Did not have to say, we heart the most perfect, absolutely!

But Porto decided to match wits with Daniel - Levi President, Let Moutinho missed eventually move to the end of the sprint stages.

When the to see Moussa - Dembele for Fulham to Manchester United pinch pieces, Levi Then I thought, Oh! Buy a cake! Ah great! 1500 ocean now punched, it will be the midfield line and city rivals to our house.

The result is that this is really a sum earned doubled trading. Dembele + Sandro combination can be said is the best midfielder in the Premier League duo (which combination better? Arteta + Wilshere? Barry + Yaya? Nistelrooy Lampard IS HEREBY + ? ... within a Manchester United ... midfield it?) when their common starting our record, but 11 wins and 1 level 1 negative Yeah, why do you still want to break up this Tianzaodeshe pair?

Joao - Moutinho, 25 years old, a year with Porto Champions League campaign, the backbone of the Portuguese national team. However, he will at least spend we transfer fee of £ 2500 and immediately became the team money factor in the most powerful hand cramps personal one. Such a person is absolutely not to go warm the bench, keep drinking fountains.

, Sao years, your genius plan is? Both performance Dembele and Sandro, who went to the bench, and then let the the Moutinho kick his? We are not a rich handsome, billowing oil to do back-refresh club transfer record to buy a player to replace this does not need to be replaced, and may even become the best player of the season. The Chouchou Zan shabby books, is they think it wise to what?

Or wash sleep ...

Midfielder Moutinho Plug and Play stuffed team, which means take 2500 Wan gamble: he came to the team on an instant hit and has done better than the combination of the best midfielder in the league to the team greater increase.

Also Alternatively, you look forward to Dembele can top on to a more forward position, behind supplemented Moutinho + Sandro combination. This proposal is all very well, after all, Dembele is the identity of the previous farm attack hands to start your own career of. Even completely ignoring Dembele playing defensive midfielder has proven better than playing attacking midfielder, buy Moutinho idea is still very cerebral.

First of all, let's assume Moutinho and Sandro partner, will produce a chemical reaction. Then, we Moussa - Dembele from his performance throughout the season the best position uprooted pair grumble push people to striker behind. Well, Dembele in this position to give us what the team so as to make our team better? Scalpel-like precision-guided? Ah do not, he is a ball, the ball can attack people rather than a precise pass to tear each other's defense. He goal? Ah no, he did not how will score clatter.

Dembele of nirvana is to use their own ability to eat opponents, strong in the midfield and quickly advance the ball to the forward position to open the team's offensive mode. Not only can not make his position to push his ability with the team to reconcile to the best way to play more to make his kill.

Not to say that we already have in the attacking midfielder position in the last few games the firepower Clint - Dempsey, as well as a 22- year-old Ji Erfei - West at Sigurdson. We make big soldier spy Press the dead also Yindengbeilai forward on the bench and break up our midfield combination just order a dowry money than the three of them together are more than the guy? Continues not to say, ah, Lewis -霍尔特比夏days is necessary to join the, ah, he is also holding a banknote to compete Frontal position people, ah!

Or you foresee Moutinho hit the most 3 midfield before bursting position to Dembele + Sandro still behind. Given that we do not need to disassemble the aesthetics of violence midfield duo, this idea may be pretty good yo. Moutinho prefer trailing position, he of course, in the position of attacking midfielder also had an efficient performance. Speak with the facts, see the Champions waves Seoul Figure Battle of Paris .

Well, now, we will spend 2500 million pounds to buy one, buy it, let him play a he frequently do not fight, but also regarded Shoudaoqinlai, may have a position like a duck to water by three people yo. I do not tell you that three people are bought in the past six months. It was too well-founded logic.

Even if Levi that big spy and soldier no future at Tottenham, should be swept out the door, then Moutinho even replace them the right candidate for you? Moutinho in the end is what the players want to make him come when we are 10 numbers?

Moutinho is a metronome, a passer, and has an excellent technical work put into high good defensive skills, he is above optimal capacity. The global rhythm control in the backcourt, is his best side. But he does not give you the to bring the frontcourt same magnificent. The other clubs in the frontcourt with Silva, Mata, Cazorla, even Rooney's star Moutinho able to achieve a similar level with them what?

And the Dembele similar, Moutinho is not a prolific goalscorer, so he can not take over Van der Vaart left the gun. He is able to send the the perfect blow the passer, but he unlike Iniesta as courageous have foreseen - in a split tear each other's defense with a the various forward pass Xiezhuan accurate to the millimeter, find this team striker. He's not Mesut - Ozil, can not be defensive players away from the position by flowing Paowei will in collusion pass while flying over the court, when teammates opened empty.

Moutinho made ​​everything so beautiful, but to be fair to the 2500 pounds he is best able to meet our expectations for him. If we need him as the core of our organization, and that he might no longer be the man we need it most. Lot and shallots supple and inexpensive (to mention two players on this position is handy Wazi in the same team, Christian - Eriksson and Rahim - De Jong.)

Squad rotation not do it? Never. Moutinho + Dembele total price but spent 4000 pounds, ah, you get They rotation in one location? When you Rafah - Benitez ah?

If we are Chelsea or Manchester City this rich handsome, I certainly hope that Levi could spare cash to hit national striker who has been fully developed and then let them keep drinking fountains. Now I am Tottenham Cock wire, it will wish to raise and section of its flow, opening its source. Take a look at the history of blood and tears Dembele absence of bitterness, when looking for someone to give him the spare tire is a must tick. But the spare tire can not spend Zan 2500 million. We need to find a veteran willing to warm the bench or the young drinking fountains Guardian.

In view of the new sign Holtby can play three positions, including the location of Dembele, perhaps so that he can to accomplish this task, unfortunately he can not come January.

Well, let's back to reality. Joao - Moutinho is a great player, but he will not come to Tottenham. Contribution from an elevated level of the level, he is almost impossible to bring to the team, from a financial level, that is a big duck. Away the saliva that fast drip to the ground, stop Moutinho YY . Find an entirely new object of squad rotation is the most it is the most meaningful.

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