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Alvaro Negredo a potential Tottenham Hotspur target?

Sevilla want £18m for Alvaro Negredo, and he wants to play in England. Tottenham have been linked to him in the past. We're just putting two and two together.

Denis Doyle

We've heard this one before, and we're going to hear it some more, especially because Sevilla are a pretty crap team at the moment and unlikely to get into serious European contention. Jose Mario del Nido, president of Sevilla FC, says that his team has already rejected a £14m bid for striker Alvaro Negredo.

The Independent estimates that someone will have to bid £18m for the Spanish striker to obtain his services, which sounds about right to me. At that price, Sevilla gets a fair chunk of change and Negredo's suitor will probably get some decent value for money. Negredo's quoted as saying he'd like to test his game in England, probably because La Liga has quickly gone from the best top-to-bottom league on earth to a hysterical joke in less than five years.

At £18m, I'd be happy with Negredo, but not over the moon. It's a bit spendy for a guy with his extremely solid, but not mind-blowing scoring rate. His hold-up play and distribution is also just okay for a guy his size. He's probably worth the money, but it's not a home-run signing.

Thoughts? We'll do an imaginary shortlist post on Negredo later.