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Emmanuel Adebayor may or may not go to the Africa Cup of Nations

Ade, the Togolese national team and the English press are all two years old.

Clive Rose

It's the never-ending saga, you guys. We're not going to have any idea whether or not Emmanuel Adebayor is headed to the Africa Cup of Nations until the tournament kicks off. We got the news earlier this week that he had changed his mind about sticking around at Tottenham Hotspur, and that he had decided to join up with Togo for the tournament. That might not be the case.

Surprise, new reports have emerged today that Adebayor had a rift with the Togolese football federation and that he would stay with Tottenham for the tournament. Those reports were quickly quashed, and now he's playing for Togo again.

Holy shit, this is the dumbest non-story-cum-story ever. I am so freaking sick of Adebayor's reported on again, off again relationship with his international football federation, which might not even be a thing. For all we know, Adebayor and his national side have felt and acted the same way towards each other for years.

I hate this story. So much.